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Date: 03 August 2023

I like The Register from the UK for computer-related news and gossip, and Schneier on Security for, you know, computer security news. Particularly his Crypto-Gram Newsletter. I should mention here also that if you are interested in computer security (and if you aren't, you should be) -- then you will also want to be a regular reader of The Risks Digest.

Some chatty posts to get us started

Updated: July 11 2023

It's almost time to announce the Grand Reopening!

I realized recently that I've had access to the Internet now for 30 years. By which I mean that I got dial-up access just before the start of the end (the start of the September that never ended, that is. Which I guess means the start of the start of the end?). So I've been thinking about how much fun the Internet used to be back then, and what a drag the Web is today, and so just as soon as I finish up this one project I'm working on AND just as soon as I find the perfect "Under Construction" gif, I think finally I will be able to start working on the personal pages I always wanted to get around to making, but never had time to do.

What a blessing it is to work on content and structure first, like one is supposed to! I just spent five minutes twiddling headers to make sure they are logical instead of worrying about all the nonsense that usually goes along with working on pages. I know they (the headers) are still not right, but I mean, that's why I need the "under construction" gif, right?

Until next time, here are

Some amusing files I've come across while poking around my old directories

I have lots of other "memory lane" files to share, but I have to clean them up for accessibility (garish orange background) and linkrot (everywhere) and cookies and trackers and so on (from some "save as HTML" pages I have sitting around).

Useful links

Last Update: July 11 2023

What would a page that is under reconstruction be without a list of links? The Internet is such a mess these days, search engines don't work, and so many places feed different people different things based on algorithms & etc. How is a person to ever find interesting new things? Here are some out-of-the-way sites and pages that I like & I hope you will, too:

Once upon a time this page was all about the Prague floods that were current at the time the pages went up. If you are looking for those pages on the flooding in Prague, the Czech Republic in August 2002, that page's permanent home is http://jskelly.com/pragueflood.html.