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Internet Cleanup Day finally here

Update: I know that updates is not what blockquote is for, but I'll tidy things up later once I know better how these pages will end up being structured. And I didn't want to do an update "all at the top" as if this were a blog. This is most definitely not going to be a blog.

I guess Internet Cleanup Day finally got here -- at least for me. I haven't looked at my own files on this site for a long, long time -- and there are truly some amazing time capsules here, like a home page I think I never posted, but is straight out of the height of the dot-com boom & before the bust (HTML element tags in allcaps and all!).

I spent almost all of the intervening time between 2000 and the present neglecting these pages, except for when I posted something like the pages about the 2002 flooding in Prague, the Czech Republic. But even though I was neglecting things here, I was often working on someone else's pages. So now that I'm on my own again, I am left wondering if I am supposed to use ISO-8859-6 or utf-8 for character encoding? (Of course it goes without saying that Windows-1256 was never a correct answer to that question).

Of particular concern to me are which meta tags are truly necessary, which are merely cruft, and which are evil (break validation or spy on users or both). A lot of these details are extremely tetchy, but I just want to get them right the first time and not have to re-do things later.

I am also taking a crash course in CSS, since it is something I really didn't have to deal with before.

My aim with these pages is to show it's possible to make nice, manageable things without tracking anyone at all.

And yet I notice that if I go to MY OWN PAGES about the Prague Flood of 2002, I end up with a "cookie" from "Radio Prague." Outrageous.

Original content will start appearing

Soon Eventually I will post a story about how I got a speeding ticket from a robot camera in Buffalo. It made me so mad! These robo-tickets have been declared unconstitutional in several states, and if they are unconstitutional there, then they are most certainly unconstitutional here, too. However, someone in my inner circle told me -- much to my surprise -- that traffic court is not the right venue to argue constitutional matters. So I had to fight the ticket on its merits. So I would like to post something on this, to help anyone else who is fighting these evil robots.

Short version is, I didn't see the blinking lights. In traffic court, I also argued that there was no daily self-test from the camera waiting for me at court (it should have been there) and that the ticket should be dismissed because the robocamera's ID was "null" -- but although the traffic court judge found both of these points to be very novel and cute and interesting, he didn't think either of them were pertinent at all. So it was dismissed on "didn't see the blinking lights." Short conclusion: if you get one of these, fight it. I promise to finish writing this whole thing out when I can.

I'm off now to format my Play about GameStop that I wrote earlier this month last month. I'll post it here when it is done.

Ha, ha -- well, when I wrote this, I did go immediately to start formatting this. Checking what kind of formatting plays are supposed to have in real life is what got me to jump down the CSS rabbit hole. I should add, though, that it is not so much a play as an adaptation of a television news report that I found absolutely astounding. Until I get it posted, you can amuse yourself with this example of what CSS can do (From Codepen).

Finally, another thing that has been taking up my time is a Facebook Group I inadvertently started. I never usually spend any time on Facebook, so I have no idea what I am doing. But it is a small, nice group, so it only takes a few minutes a day.

The thing that has been taking all of my time lately is a small group of pages I maintain for a local non-profit civic group. The pages are nice and simple and well-coded, but weren't designed with mobile devices in mind, having been put together in 2008. I want to keep what is there, but make them work well on mobile devices. I know that it will be easy as soon as I figure out what to do -- it's the figuring out what to do part that is time-consuming.

Useful links

Finally, what would a page that is under reconstruction be without a list of links?

Once upon a time this page was all about the Prague floods that were current at the time the pages went up. If you are looking for those pages on the flooding in Prague, the Czech Republic in August 2002, that page's permanent home is http://jskelly.com/pragueflood.html.

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Our site privacy policy is still "coming soon" tl;dr version is: we do not use affiliate links. We do not use hidden spy pixels, favicons, embedded form fields, cookies, web bugs or anything else to track you. We chop follow codes off of the addresses we link. It's vanilla HTML, and hopefully it renders just fine on any mobile device. We are glad you stopped by. If you'd like, please sign our guestbook.

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I used to do a lot of work for sites other than my own -- a little bit of writing, but mostly editing. Sometimes I used my own name, and sometimes I used JS Kelly, which is a pen name.